Feel Good Story: Principal & Her Bedtime Stories

"Tucked-In Tuesdays" should happen everywhere.

March 5, 2019
Kids reading



This Feel Good Story comes out of Beaumont, Texas about Belinda George, who is the principal of Homer Drive Elementary School.

According to Good News Network, Belinda is one of those special teachers who changes their students' lives. She wants to connect with them even when she goes home for the day. 

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That is when Belinda had the idea to start "Tucked-In Tuesdays." Which is a tradition that makes sure every single one of her students has the opportunity to have a bedtime story, and hopefully feel more encouraged to read on their own.

Belinda gets on her pj's, grabs a book, and gets on to Facebook Live to connect with her students. While she is going through the story, Belinda asks her students to think about the story, and they also have the chance to earn "advanced reader points" as a reward for tuning in.

Good News Network also reports that about 94% of the students at Homer Drive Elementary come from disadvantaged homes, and the literary scores have been low in the past. However, since Belinda Geoge has become principal, those literary and reading coprehension scores have improved.

"The bottom line is I love kids. I know if I don't reach them outside of school, I may never reach them in school," Belinda said.

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