Feel Good Story: Robber Messes With The Wrong Girl

January 11, 2019
Polyana Viana

UFC fighter Polyana Viana was the victim of an alleged robbery this past weekend. But, she quickly put a hault to the situation. According to CBS News, Viana was outside waiting for an Uber when the attacker came up and demanded her to hand over her cellphone. He claimed to be armed, but Viana had a sense he was lying.

She quickly reacted by punching him twice and throwing in a kick. When he fell to the ground, Viana caught him in a chokehold, and said, "Now we'll wait for the police." Polyana held him in place until the authorities came, and then followed them to the hospital where she then filed a police report.

Polyana's split-second decision allowed her to be able to defend herself against her attacker, and make sure he knows he messed with the wrong woman. She is an absolute boss!

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