Feel Good Story: Secret Santa Surprises Family With An Amazing Gift

A well-deserved Christmas miracle.

December 5, 2019

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This Feel Good Story will definitely get you in the holiday spirit!

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According to East Idaho News, Erica and Brad Crow and their two adopted children have been through a great deal over the last couple years.

They are a family who have always worked hard to support each other, and never asked for any kind of help or handouts.

Brad hit quite a few health bumps in the road, and things started getting pretty rough.

The family lives together in their camper, and were waiting until Brad's health fully improved so he could building their future home, until something amazing happened.

Brad was unfortunately going to lose his health insurance soon, so the panic was setting in.

Secret Santa was touched by the Crows story and decided to gift them the biggest surprise yet: health insurance for a year and $50,000 to be used toward starting their home!

Watch the amazing video below.