Feel Good Story: Third-Grader Uses Birthday Money To Give Teacher Pay Raise

Paying it forward in the sweetest way.

November 11, 2019

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We can all learn something from this nine-year-old today.

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Parker Williams is a third grader at Gorrie Elementary in Tampa, and has a heart of absolute gold.

According to News Channel 8 in Tampa, Parker thinks very highly of his teacher, Mrs. Chambers. So much so that he decided his birthday money would be put to better use if he gave it to Mrs. Chambers.

This 9-year-old took the $15 from his birthday money, and wrote a note to Mrs. Chambers that read, "Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don't think that teachers get paid enough for what they do, so will you accept this gift?

Parker explained that he wanted to do this good deed for Mrs. Chambers because he thinks she's a kind teacher, and has her own way of teaching and spending time on everybody.

Mrs. Chambers, of course, could not accept the thoughtful gift. Instead, she wrote back to Parker and said that students like him are the reason she chose to teach.

Even 9-year-old Parker knows the importance of teachers in this world.

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