Feel Good Story: Transforming A Twitter Trolls Life

January 25, 2019
Patton Oswalt

USA Today

This Feel Good Story from UpWorthy, is about Patton Oswalt using social media for good, not evil.

Oswalt was being trolled on Twitter from this man, Michael Beatty, who was throwing insults at him left and right. Oswalt started going back and forth with this troll, until he took a look at Michael's Twitter feed.

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Patton Oswalt quickly learned that Michael was in a lot of trouble healthwise, and needed a $3,000 donation to cover his medical bills. So, instead of sinking down to the trolls level, he tweeted out a message to his followers that he was going to donate to this man, and encouraged others to do so as well.

Michael Beatty, the troll, was shocked by Oswalt's response to his original mean message, and quickly responded saying how grateful he was. 

Because of Patton Oswalt's kindness and compassion for this man, his GoFundMe is now up to $31,000!!!

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