Feel Good Story: Uber Driver Earns College Degree Thanks To This Passenger

All because of one car ride.

January 6, 2020
College degree

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There is nothing like the kindness of strangers...

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According to ABC News, Latonya Young was driving around for Uber one day when she picked up Kevin Esch, a man that would later change her life.

Latonya Young shared that she was currently enrolled at Georgia State, and was close to achieving her associate's degree, but had some financial burdens stuck in her way.

She began driving for Lyft and Uber just to make the extra money to pay for her education.

On top of being a single mother, Latonya was adding all of this to her plate just to achieve that degree.

That's when the passenger, Kevin Esch did something Latonya would never forget. He tipped her $120 on that ride, and then paid Georgia State nearly $700.

The best part? Kevin Esch attended Latonya's ceremony.

You really never know who is going to change your life.

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