The Best Ice Cream Spots in Boston

After reading this, you're gonna have to go out and try all 5 spots.

August 2, 2019
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Everyone loves ice cream, it is a simple fact of life. With summer sadly starting to wrap up, here are a few places you need to try before the leaves start changing!

J.P.Licks, Back Bay- This is a Boston-based chain, which means you know this place is gonna be amazing. They have an isane amount of flavors and sundaes, as well as some frozen yogurt and some dairy-free options!

Morano Gelato, Chestnut Hill- The perfect spot when you want a taste of Italy...without the plane ticket. Most of the ingredients used in the store are directly from Italy!

Toscani's, Cambridge- When you need to take care of a sugar craving, the endless amount of flavors at Toscani's is everything.

FoMu, South End- 3 words. Vegan ice cream. A great spot for anyone avoiding dairy that doesn't settle for anything but the most decadent flavors.

Cookie Monstah, food truck- A bit unconventional, but this food truck is easy to follow and has the best ice cream sandwiches ever. Homemade cookies with perfectly melted-but-not-too-melted ice cream.