A Few of Our Favorite Rooftop Bars in Boston

Because who doesn't want to spend their weekend on a rooftop?

July 30, 2019
A Few of Our Favorite Rooftop Bars in Boston.jpg.jpg

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A rooftop. A sunny summer day. A drink. Is there anything else you need?

The answer is no. There is nothing quite like spending your day in the beautiful city of Boston drinking away on a swanky rooftop bar. Here are a few of our favorite gems that Boston has to offer.

Legal Harborside, Seaport- This 3 floor restaurant is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Each floor has a sweeping view of Boston Harbor, and the rooftop deck and bar has the best view of them all. It's the perfect place to take in some sun, some seafood, and some drinks after work.

Coppersmith, South Boston- The perfect rooftop for a Sunday Funday- this bar has it all, from picnic tables, to games, to entertainment. This Southie spot is a great weekend spot, and is a popular spot for a youthful crowd.

Rooftop at Revere, Bay Village- Couches, cabanas, and a pool. Is there a better way to spend a hot summer day? Up 7 stories high, this rooftop is known for the unique drinks and Insta-worthy apps.

Baseball Tavern, Fenway- Who wouldn't want to spend their evening watching the Sox at this ideal rooftop/sportsbar crossover. From drool-worthy snacks and countless beer on-tap, this rooftop is the most casual of the rooftops.

Felipe’s Taqueria, Harvard Square- Margaritas. Guac. Tacos. This fast-paced Mexican-style rooftop is always crowded, and you can guess why. Perfect sunny day!