Ariana Grande


Here's All The Hidden Eggs In Ariana's '7 Rings' Video

Ari is the queen of secret messages.

January 22, 2019

Ariana Grande is CRUSHING it right now. She released 'Thank U, Next' which shocked the internet. But, she couldn't give us time to breathe. She dropped '7 Rings' and I'm back to the Ari rabbit hole.

Ariana seems to be the new queen of all hidden gems in her videos. 'Thank U, Next' was a masterpiece in itself, and '7 Rings' is just as wonderful.

So... if you're as obsessed with Ariana as I am... you watch videos upon videos of all the hidden eggs you may have missed. Well, I'm here to tell you all I know.

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First, the instrumental in the beginning of the '7 Rings' video is also in the beginning montage of 'Thank U, Next.' She's so clever.

Second, when she pulls up in her 'Elle Woods' inspired convertible in 'Thank U, Next,' the license plate reads "7RINGS." GOD SHE IS SO GOOD.

Third, '7 Rings' shows a car in the yard in front of the house party. The car has 'nomad' spraypainted on it, and people are questioning whether that is a representation of Ari's independence or maybe a new upcoming single. 

If you want to go down the rabbit hole like I did, here is the video explaining all the messages. 

Ari... keep 'em coming girl. We love doing a deep dive into all your videos.