Can't Beat Kenendy : 05-21-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 21, 2018

1) Today in 1881 the Red Cross was founded. What is their logo? Today in 1881 the Red Cross was founded. What is their logo?

2) Mick Jagger recently reached out to Ed Sheeran after Elton John said that Ed's success may not last forever. A source says Mick definitely doesn’t share Elton’s view that it won’t last. Ed, Mick and Elton are all from where?

3) The CW revealed its schedule for the upcoming TV season and it features five new shows. There's a "semi-reboot" of an old WB show "Roswell". Roswell is famous for being the location of  an alleged UFO incident. What state is Roswell located?

4) Gotye is 38 today. What 2011 song is Gotye’s only big hit and even reached #1 on the hot 100?

5) CBS says they’re hoping to get "a few more years" out of The Big Bang Theory. Did the hit series start in 2007 or 2011?

1) The Golden Knights are in the Stanley Cup finals in their first season EVER in the NHL. Where is the team from? Las Vegas or Miami?

2) Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard tells US Weekly that he has one fashion rule. ''I would never be caught dead wearing Crocs.'' What now disgraced celebrity chef was known for only wearing crocs?

3) Michael Keaton gave the commencement speech at Kent State in Ohio.  After it was over, he received an honorary degree. What Superhero did Keaton play in the late 80’s/early 90’s?

4) Mr. T is 66 today. Who does Mr. T pity?

5) Don Johnson will never watch his daughter Dakota in any of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movies.  He says, quote, "As a father, there are certain images that you don't need in your head." What is the name of Christian Grey’s brother in the Franchise?

1) According to a new survey, two out of three moms have threatened to take away “Fortnite” from their kids as a punishment. It’s so popular it can now be used as a weapon against them. What is Fortnite?

2) Tina Fey brought back her Sarah Palin impression on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Sarah was the Governor of what state?

3) “Deadpool 2” raked in $125 million this weekend, ending the three-week box office reign of "Avengers: Infinity War". Deadpool hasn’t crossed paths with the Avengers in the Marvel Movies but he does have contact with a different superhero group. Who?

4) Jennifer Aniston will play the first female president in a Netflix movie called "First Ladies".  True or False: Hillary Clinton was the 1st female to run for President of the United States.

5) Fun Fact : Meghan is actually Meghan Markle’s MIDDLE name. Is her first name Rachel, Doris or Sarah?