Can't Beat Kennedy: 03-20-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

March 20, 2018

1) This Singer said that she felt possessed after her vocal cord surgery. ''After surgery I hit rock bottom. I felt like I was possessed and demons were attacking me.” Her song "All About That Bass" spent 8 weeks at #1. Who is she?

2) Diddy says he got addicted to his phone two and a half years ago, so he went to Sedona, Arizona to get over it. Diddy is the man of a thousand names, changing his several times over the years. What is his actual birth name?

3) Vivica Fox dishes a little bit in her new book about her sex life with 50 cent, and he didn't really appreciate that. Which Quentin Tarantino movie has Fox been in?

4) President Trump’s youngest turns 12 today. What is his name?

5) Cynthia Nixon from "Sex and the City" is officially running for Governor of New York.  She's up against the current governor Andrew Cuomo, who's seeking a third term. She played Miranda on the show. What was her occupation?

1) Fifth Harmony has announced an indefinite hiatus so that the individual members can each pursue their solo careers following six years of performing together. Name the former member who had already left the group and is experiencing a boom in      her career.

2) On this date back in 2012 TMZ announced that “The Situation” checked into rehab. So let’s play another round of Jersey Shore Lingo.  What was a “robbery” defined as on the show? 

3) Today is International Astrology Day. March 20th is actually the last date to be born into what Astrological sign?

4) “Clarissa Explains It All” may be rebooted with the shows original star Melissa Joan Hart, this time playing the mother of the family. What was the name of Clarissa’s annoying younger brother on the show?

5) Martin Freeman says filming Sherlock is ‘not fun anymore’ due to crazy fan expectations. In the show and many other adaptions of Sherlock Holmes what is the name of the Scotland Yard inspector who occasionally works with Holmes?

1) Renee Zellweger looks strikingly like Judy Garland as she’s preparing for the upcoming movie “Judy”. In the “Wizard of Oz” which Judy starred in where does she live with her Aunt & Uncle before being transported to Oz? 

2) Rolling Stone Magazine looked into the possibility that country artists are starting to distance themselves from the NRA in the wake of all of these shootings. What does NRA stand for?

3) Iggy Azalea says that she burned Nick Young's clothes after breaking up with him. What was the name of Iggy’s break through single featuring Charlie xcx that peaked at #1 and put her on the map?

4) Blink-182 are doing a Las Vegas residency.  In their song “What’s My Age Again”… what age was he? Saying “Nobody Likes you when you’re ____

5) The "Stranger Things" cast all apparently got HUGE pay raises for Season Three. What is the name of the fictional town the show takes place?