Can't Beat Kennedy: 03-22-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

March 22, 2018

2) The Indy 500 is moving to NBC after 54 years on ABC. Why is it called the “500”?

3) 33 years ago today in 1985 Wendy’s dropped their spokesperson Clara Peller because she did spots for Prego pasta sauce. She had one of the best catchphrases in commercial history with “Where’s The ____?”.

4) J.J. Watt is 29 today. He’s one of the best defenders in the NFL but off the field he raised over $37 million dollars last year in a relief fund for the hurricane that hit Houston, where he plays. What was the name of the Hurricane that decimated Houston last summer?

5) Frank Oz was the original voice of Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and other Muppets. And he doesn't think the Muppets are being handled right under Disney. What is the name of the Muppet who is a professional cook and only speaks in gibberish?

1) Over 4,000 flights have been cancelled because of Winter Storm Toby in the Northeast. Toby was the much maligned HR guy on what popular sitcom that ran for 9 seasons?

2) 80’s music alert. Culture Club is going on tour this summer with the B-52’s.  Culture Club’s biggest hit in the United States and their only song to hit #1 in America is Karma ___.

3) "Mork & Mindy" star Pam Dawber says Robin Williams used to grope her, flash her, and even wrestle her down and break wind on her, but she was fine with it. Saying "I never took offense.  It was the Seventies, after all." In the show what was               Williams’ character Mork?

4) There's a new dating site for Kanye West fans, but Taylor Swift fans are not allowed to join. What is the name of the online dating service for farmers, ranchers, and people living in rural areas?

5) Lollapalooza has announced its 2018 lineup and there are no female musicians until the fourth line of the poster. What city does the festival take place every year

1) Mila Kunis was recently doing an interview with Ellen when she said girls are smarter than boys and cited her two kids as an example.  What’s the 2010 Ballerina movie called she starred in with Natalie Portman?

2) Season 1 of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” was a controversial show but a study shows it had a positive effect on kids overall with 75% saying they tried to be more considerate after watching it. What is the issue the show tackled?

3) A new trailer dropped for "Cobra Kai” the Karate Kid series airing on YouTube Red. Finish the lyric from the theme song of the Karate Kid and the most well known song from the soundtrack."

4) Chrissy Metz from "This Is Us" says her stepfather used to physically abuse her, fat-shame her, and even make her weigh herself in front of him. Who does she play on the show?

5) Today is National Young as You Feel Day. Rank these actresses from oldest to youngest. Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence.