Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-12-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

April 12, 2018

1) Some test footage of the upcoming Millennium Falcon ride has been released and it looks awesome. Which company owns the rights to Star Wars and will be putting the attraction in their amusement park? Disney or Universal?

2) Emma Kenney from "Roseanne" has checked into treatment to deal with some "personal battles". She plays Darlene's disrespectful daughter Harris. She also plays a daughter with some problems on another hit show where she’s Debbie Gallagher. What show is it?

3) There was a brawl in the Sox Yankees game last night after Joe Kelly beaned a Yank right in the rib cage for a dirty play he made earlier. In Baseball what is it called when a batter runs out to confront a pitcher after being hit or thrown at?

4) An annual poll done by had Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie voted as the most admired man and woman in the world.  Barack and Michelle Obama both came in second. Where did Barack spend most of his childhood growing up?

5) Today is National Grilled Cheese Day. I am going to list three fancy cheeses. Two of them are real, one of them is fake. Pick out the fake. May the odds be ever in your favor. Havarti, Gorgonzola or Cambascano?

1) Ed O’Neil is 72 years old today. He’ll always be Al Bundy but what Emmy winning sitcom does he currently star in?

2) Dua Lipa says she feels that people on the internet are generally very empowering but she’s human and the twitter trolls get to her like everyone else. What is the name of the Dua Lipa single currently getting air play that peaked at #6 on the hot 100 not too long ago?

3) The producers of the upcoming "Blue's Clues" reboot say they're not looking for a  look-alike of the original hsot and will be looking at both men and women for the new role. What was the name of the original and longest show host?

4) Eight years ago today The Vatican officially forgave John Lennon for saying the Beatles are bigger than Jesus. Lennon had been dead for 30 years at that point so no word on if he accepted. True or False : The Vatican is its own country.

5) The Rock has announced that his "Jumanji" reboot is getting a sequel. The Rock has a movie currently in theaters where his co-star is an albino gorilla who turns into a raging creature of enormous size following a rogue experiment. What is the name of the movie?

1)  A Florida woman contacted to see if they would trade their entire stock of Necco Wafers for her Honda Accord. Necco may close down in May if they can't find a buyer for their company. True or False : Necco is a New England based company.

2) The Pregnant Kate Hudson is wearing what looks like a diamond engagement ring on her ring finger these days. And apparently Kate has a type because her fiancé/ future baby daddy is in the same profession as her ex-husband/current baby daddy Chris Robinson. What do they both do?

3) Someone took pictures of Orlando Bloom shirtless on a beach holding an adorable dog and ladies are here for it. But he’s currently tied down to one lady. Who is he with?

4) "This Is Us" star Chrissy Metz and her boyfriend Josh Stancil have broken up. Chrissy was recently in Boston on tour and was scene singing karaoke at what popular Chinese Restaurant in Faneuil Hall? \

5) Brenan Urie is 31 today. He’s the lead singer for what popular band?