Can't Beat Kennedy: 04-24-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

April 24, 2018

1)Today is New Kids On The Block Day! (April 24th look it up). How many Members of New Kids are there?

2) Alexander Hamilton misspelled the word "Pennsylvania" on the Constitution. Who created and starred in the Broadway smash hit Hamilton?

3) Kelly Clarkson is 36 today. What actor famously screamed out her name during the chest waxing scene in 40 Year Old Virgin?

4) Prince William and Kate Middleton have welcomed a new baby boy. This is their third child. Name one of the other two.

5) Frozen star Idina Menzel will mentor the American Idol singers this Sunday night during the show's Disney-themed episode. What is the name of the mountaineer who teams up with Anna in order to save Menzel’s character Elsa?

1) Michael J. Fox has undergone spinal surgery unrelated to his Parkinson's and is currently recovering. In Back to the Future, how many gigawatts is needed to power the DeLorean for time travel? 

 1.21 Gigawatts  or 1 Million Gigawatts

2) The Rock and his girlfriend Lauren are the proud parents of a new baby girl. Many on the internet proclaimed The Rock’s new baby as the pebble. There was already a baby girl named Pebbles on what popular animated show?

3) Pauley Perrette says she still cries over her decision to leave "NCIS". She was on the show for a staggering 353 episodes. She played Abby. What was her job on the show

4) Gronkowski the race horse had to bow out of the Kentucky Derby due to illness.  How many Horses race in the Kentucky Derby? 10 or 20?

5) Allison Mack  from "Smallville" was arrested for her part in an alleged cult where women were forced into sex slavery and branded with the leader's initials. Smallville followed the life of Clark Kent before he became Superman. Smallville was the name of a fictional town in what state where Clark Kent was raised?

1) Sarah Jessica Parker is releasing a line of bridal wear that will include gowns, skirts, jumpsuits and shoes. What fellow sex and the city actress has she been feuding with?

2)  It’s a random fact Tuesday…. Americans are drinking less orange juice now than any other time in the past two decades but still drink more than any other country in the entire world.  Which of these is the highest grossing Orange Juice in the U.S? - Tropicana or Simply Orange?

3) An animated Fast and the Furious series is coming to Netflix. The show will follow a teenage Tony Toretto as tries to infiltrate a crime organization that is masquerading as a racing league. Is Tony Toretto a new character or is he from the films?

4) Macauly Culkin was on "Ellen" yesterday, and he said he doesn't watch the movies he did as a child actor, and he refuses to do his "Home Alone" face when fans ask him to. In Home Alone, where does Kevin’s family go on vacation, accidentally leaving him alone?

5) Phil, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan turns 72 today. What is the last name of the family from the show