Can't Beat Kennedy : 04-25-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

April 25, 2018

1) Today 334 years ago a patent for the thimble was invented. True or False : a thimble was an original Monopoly token.

2) “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” tops a poll of the most popular TV shows among Millennials even though it went off the air more than 20 years ago.  What was the name of Will’s Aunt that he lived with in Bel-Air?

3) An all-new dating reality series, The Proposal, is headed to ABC, and it’s being hosted by former Bachelor Jesse Palmer. Who was the last Bachelor?

4) Renee Zellweger is 49 today. From 1999-2000 Zellweger was engaged to what funnyman she starred in Me, Myself and Irene with.

5) Jake Tapper told Ellen Degeneres yesterday that he used to have a crush on her back in the late '80s.  She said, "Sorry to disappoint,". Tapper anchors a nightly news show called “The Lead With Jake Tapper” on what network?

1) Today in 2002, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes passed away in a car accident. She was in the group TLC. What does TLC stand for?

2) Al Pacino is 78 today. In which Pacino film does he play Lt. Col. Frank Slade. A blind, cantankerous retired Army Ranger.

3) Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes will perform during the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 20th. Which one of them recently released a new single called “In My Blood”?

4) Melissa McCarthy says there's no shame in taking jobs just for the money, and she'll do it someday, too.  Who did McCarthy play on Gilmore Girls?

5) The actor who plays Riggs on the Lethal Weapon TV series may be recast due to his toxic behavior on set. In Lethal Weapon, Riggs and Murtaugh are cops in what town? 

1) DNCE and K-Swiss are launching a new line of sneakers together that will retail for $110. The black leather shoe has a white sole and five white stripes along the side. What is the name of DNCE’s biggest hit that peaked inside the top 10 of the Billboard hot 100 in 2016?

2) Today is World Penguin Day! What animated movie featured emperor penguins, in particular one who could not sing like all the to attract a mate so he needed to use his dancing skills.

3) The TV show ''Ink Master'' has been renewed for an 11th season. What musician hosts “Ink Master”?

4) Several new Oreo flavors have hit store shelves including Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, and Pina Colada.  What is the main alcohol in a Pina Colada?

5) Andrew Cuomo has a 31-point lead over Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon in the race for the Democratic nod for Governor of New York (58% to 27%).It’s not as uncommon as you might think for an actor to become Governor. Name the former wrestler/actor who was Governor of Minnesota for 4 years.