Can't Beat Kennedy : 04-27-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

April 27, 2018

1) The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin posthumously got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What type of animal took Irwin out?

2) Cardi B ranted about social media…. on social media in a now deleted post where she called it “The most disgusting place” where people drive their favorite celebs into insanity. Who has more followers on Instagram, Cardi B or her Finesse collaborator Bruno Mars?

3) The Situation from Jersey Shore is engaged. Is he the first male cast member to get engaged?

4) SNL’s Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost & Michael Che set to host the Emmy Awards. Which late night show host hosted the 2017 Emmys?

5) Some pictures have been released of Rami Malek in character as Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen movie. What TV show does Rami Malek star in?

1) Penolope Cruz is 44 today. Cruz had a three year relationship with this actor after they appeared together in “Vanilla Sky”.

2) This Sunday, "The Simpsons" will air its 636th episode.  That's one more than the classic show "Gunsmoke" giving it the most episodes of a scripted TV series of all time. Who is the crazy Scottish groundskeeper on The Simpsons?

3) Scarlett Johansson showed off some pretty large back tattoos at the Avengers premiere in L.A. She was walking the red carpet with her boyfriend from SNL. Who is he?

4) George R.R. Martin says he will not release the next "Game of Thrones" book this year, even though fans have already been waiting seven years for it. Instead, he's putting out a spin-off book in November. What is the name of the throne everyone is fighting over where the king of Westeros sits?

5) Billions has been renewed for a 4th season. Who plays U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades on the show?

1) A dog in China drove his owners cab through the front of a cell phone store. Name the game show that aired for 7 years on Discovery Channel where people in New York City unknowingly hailed a special cab and were given a chance to win money through a trivia game.

2) John Legend reached out to Kanye West yesterday and asked him to rethink his support of President Trump. Kanye accused John of trying to, quote, "manipulate my free thought". Which couple tied the knot first John and Chrissy or Kim and Kanye?

3) Today in 1996, Robin Wright married Sean Penn. They divorced in 2010. She’s currently in House of Cards but before that Robin starred in one of the best comedies ever “The Princess Bride”. Finish this famous quote from The Princess Bride. “Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya, you Killed My Father _________.

4) John Mayer posted a smokey eye makeup tutorial on Instagram yesterday. What New England state did Mayer grow up in?

5) Mila Kunis tells Entertainment Tonight that she is open to a "That 70's Show" reboot. Where did the kids from That 70’s Show live?