Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-02-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 2, 2018

1) The Rock turns 46 today. What popular stand up comedian and actor does he have a pretty public bromance with, even starring in several movies together?

2) Chrissy Teigen says her nose has gained weight during her pregnancy.  How many children will this baby make for her and her hubby John Legend?

3)  On this date in 1941, General Mills began shipping a new cereal called "Cheerioats" to six test markets. The cereal was later renamed "Cheerios." What is the Cheerios mascot?

4) Paramount Networks television version of the cult classic film Heathers has been given a new release date. Who plays J.D. in the original film? – Christian Slater or Rob Lowe?

5) 85 years ago today  the first sighting of the Loch Ness Monster  was reported when a couple drove by and saw "an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface" of Loch Ness. What country does the Loch Ness monster reside?

1) Taylor Swift recently treated her tour dancers to a pool party on their day off from rehearsing.  What is the name of Taylor’s upcoming tour

2) Roseanne Barr told the Jerusalem Post that she would one day like to be Prime Minister of Israel. Who is the actor who plays her sitcom husband on Roseanne?

3) In a pretty unnecessary survey, it turns out Beyoncé is the most popular celebrity guys fantasize about during "quiet moments alone." Brad Pitt was #1 for women. Is Brad Pitt in his 40’s or 50’s?

4) David Duchovny says his son recorded a ghost in their living room saying “Help”. What Showtime series did David star in for 7 seasons as hard drinking, womanizing author Hank Moody?

5) Justin Timberlake admitted on "Ellen" yesterday that he once hooked up with a Spice girl. According to the Spice Girls… If you wanna be my lover. You gotta do what?

Mark Ruffalo accidentally spoiled Avengers: Infinity War last year and nobody believed him. Which superhero does he play?

2) The Tony Award nominations were announced yesterday, and "Mean Girls" and "SpongeBob SquarePants" are leading the pack. Where does Spongebob SquarePants work?

3) James Van Der Beek is Jose Cuervo’s spokesperson for Cinco De Mayo. True or False : Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexican Independence Day.

4) Helen Hunt is hoping 'Mad About You' gets rebooted like 'Roseanne.' Did mad about you Run for over or under 150 episodes?

5) For the new "Karate Kid" series "Cobra Kai", producers used never-before-seen footage from the original movie, including a close-up of Johnny's face taking Daniel's crane kick. What advice did Johnny’s sensei give him during the fight to attack Daniel’s injured leg that has become an iconic movie quote.