Can't Beat Kennedy; 05-07-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 7, 2018

1) Bill Murray helped a couple with their unborn baby's gender reveal during a golf tournament.  He hit a golf ball for them that would bust open and reveal either pink or blue powder.  It was blue. How many holes are there in golf?

2) Jordin Sparks gave birth to a baby boy last week. What reality competition show was she discovered on?

3) Ed Sheeran is celebrating a year since he quit smoking.  According to what was the most popular brand of cigeretters in 2017?

4) Nick and Joe Jonas reunited at a festival in Florida briefly when Joe joined Nick on stage to sing an old Jonas brothers song. What is the name of the third and oldest Jonas brother?

5) Jeffrey Tambor will appear in the upcoming fifth season of Arrested Development despite the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him. Who plays Michael Bluth on the show?

1) For "Star Wars" Day, a website used Google Trends data to determine the most popular "Star Wars" movie in every state. In the original Star Wars films what was Princess Leia’s famous hairstyle?

2) Comedian Ken Jeong had a stand-up gig in Phoenix on Saturday, and in the middle of it, a woman in the audience suffered a seizure. Once Ken figured out what was going on he jumped off stage to attend to the woman until paramedics came. He was a doctor before he was a comedian. In what comedy trilogy did he play Mr. Chow?

3) Adele celebrated with her 30th birthday with a Titanic themed birthday party. What year did the real Titanic sink? 1882 or 1912?

4) Taylor Swift is riding a mythical caticorn in a new DirectTV commercial. (it’s a cat unicorn thing). Which actor was the spokesperson for DirectTV in a string of ads where he played himself and then alternate, less appealing version of himself who has cable instead.'

5) Sylvester Stallone will reportedly return to battle Mexican drug cartels in Rambo 5. What is Rambo’s first name?

1) Uma Thurman says she would work with Quentin Tarantino again despite the Kill Bill 2 accident that happened on set.  True or False : Uma was born and grew up in Massachusetts?

2)  "Deadpool 2" co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin appeared on the Italian version of "Dancing with the Stars" and even danced with eachother. Brolin plays the villain in the upcoming Deadpool movie. He also played the villain in what other Superhero movie?

3) John Lithgow is playing Jud Crandall in the "Pet Sematary" remake. Lithgow played Dick Solomon in what sitcom about a group of aliens sent to Earth to report on life there.

4) NBC announced it's planning a special 2-hour tribute to ABBA in December. Where is the band ABBA from?

5) Justify, ridden by veteran jockey Mike Smith, won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. The event takes place at the same stadium every year. It’s called _____.