Can't Beat Kennedy : 05-08-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 8, 2018

1) Johnny Depp is accused of attacking a crew member on the set of his new movie while drunk. What is the name of Johnny’s ex-wife who leveled drunken abuse allegations against him when they divorced in 2017.

2) Supermodel Olivia Culpo is 26 today. She just broke up with what Patriot when he left the team after Super Bowl loss?

3) A third Sherlock Holmes movie has been confirmed. Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock Holmes but who plays his sidekick Watson in the films?

4) Rob Gronkowski was spotted partying in the Bahamas because why wouldn’t he be. Of course the Bahamas is in the Carribean. Which of these is the most populated Island in the Carribean?

5) Fun fact for you : Slovenia and Slovakia have such similar names that representatives from both countries meet once a month to exchange all the mail that was mistakenly sent to the wrong place. Which country is the first lady from?

1) U2 is playing the Mix Beach House! Which of these is NOT a U2 song? Angel of Harlem, With or Without You or Jump?

2) Enrique Iglesias is 43 today. He is in a long term relationship and has twins with which former tennis star?

3)  "SNL" did a takeoff on the horror movie "A Quiet Place", where a group of people can't keep quiet enough to avoid being killed by monsters because they keep reading Kanye West Tweets.  Who has more twitter followers Kanye or his sister in law Khloe?

4) Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Who played science teacher turned meth king pin Walter White in the hit show Breaking Bad?

5) Kirsten Dunst gave birth to a baby boy over the weekend.  This is the first child for Kirsten and her fiancé. But no one cares about babies lets talk Bring It On. What was the name of the cheerleading squad Dunst was on in the movie? – The Toros, The Clovers or the Eclipse?

1) Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys was ranked one of the most uplifting songs ever. What local actor who used to rap also has a song called Good Vibrations? 

2) Phil Collins has announced the dates for his first major North American tour in 12 years. Phil Used to be in what band?

3) Five of the six original Avengers got matching tattoos. Only Mark Ruffalo who plays the hulk backed out. What is the hulk's name when he isn't transformed and is just in his regular human form?

4) Today in 2012 famous author Maurice Sendak passed away. What ios the name of his most famous book, which was turned into a movie in 2009?

5) The director of Ferris Buellers Day Off came up with the idea on February 25th, 1985, pitched and sold it on the 26th and had finished the screenplay by March 3rd. Who directed Ferris Bueller's Day Off?