Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-10-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 10, 2018

1) Today is National Shrimp Day. Who was Forrest Gump’s friend in the Army who couldn’t stop talking about shrimp?

2) The original "Iron Man" suit worth $320,000 has gone missing from a movie prop facility. What is the character’s name who built and operates the Iron Man suit?

3) Today In 2005, Seal and Heidi Klum got married on a beach in Mexico. Heidi is a super model and Seal is a singer. What is his biggest hit and only #1 song?

4) Random Fact for you : Sia wrote the song "Diamonds" in 14 minutes and it went on to be a number one hit for Rihanna. What is Sia known for doing when she goes out in public?

5) Taylor Swift took a shot at Kim Kardashian at a concert on Tuesday saying that she's using the snake theme with this album and tour because "someone" called her that on social media. Speaking of social media which of these two has more followers combined between twitter and Instagram?

1) Universal Pictures is developing a new Friday Night Lights film. It has already been a TV show and a movie before. What is the “Friday Night Lights” franchise about?

2) Google will unroll six new voices for its Google Assistant, including John Legend’s. His wife Chrissy Teigen tweeted “I don’t even need human John anymore.” John made headlines recently for sending a private text to what controversial rapper who ended up sharing the private convo on twitter? 

3) New tour dates were announced on Tuesday by Jesse McCartney and Shawn Mendes. Who is Shawn Mendes currently dating that he just stepped out with at the Met Gala?

4) Today in 1908, the First Mother's Day took place during church services in Grafton, West Virginia, and Philadelphia. Was the first Father’s Day held before or after?

5) A data scientist is using math to figure out who's most likely to die on the final season of "Game of Thrones". The highest chance of death is Daenerys Targaryen at 83.8%. What is the title Daenerys is called on the show that is given to the wife of a Dothraki warlord?

A Burger King in Lynn  recently asked a nearby Wendy's to prom with a marquee that read: '@Wendy's prom?' The Wendy's twitter account responded: ''Ok, but don't get handsy and we have to be home by 10''. Which of those two fast food chains offers the frosty?

2) Jennifer Lopez hinted on Jimmy Fallon’s show that she wants a ring from her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. Name the 1997 movie Jlo starred in where a national geographic crew is kidnapped and taken on a hunters journey to capture the world’s largest and deadliest snake.

3) Ryan Reynolds says he constantly gets mistaken for Ryan Gosling. Name both of their wives

4) Ariana Grande has broken up with her rapper boyfriend. Who is he?

5) Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl have been married almost 27 years, but Rob would rather sleep alone.  Quote, "I sleep better on the road because I'm not with my wife.”  He starred as Sodapop Curtis in what 80’s movie?