Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-15-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 15, 2018

1) Margot Kidder died Sunday at the age of 69.  She was most famous for playing Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies in the '70s and '80s. Lois and Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent both work at the Daily Planet as what?

2) Donald Glover tells Cinema Blend that playing Lando Calrissian in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" is like being in the Bible. Who was the original Lando Calrissian?

3) In an interview with, Sam Hunt says "lack of inspiration" is the reason he hasn't released a new album in the past year. Body Like a backroad still gets plenty of spins though. Finish the lyric from the song.

4) Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart will share the stage for a series of co-headlining dates. They both have had successful shows on Comedy Central in the past. What were they?

5) Today is Dinosaur Day. In Jurrassic World, which type of Dinosaur did Chris Pratt train?

1) Fixer-Upper star Chip Gaines tells People magazine that he wore a tool belt while running a recent marathon. What is the name of his wife who also stars on the show?

2) Steven Tyler is unimpressed with the new Idol judges. By the time Steven was a judge only one of the original three judges were still judging. Which was it?

3) Khloe Kardashian says the first thing she ate after giving birth was McDonalds. What is the most purchased menu item at McDonalds?

4) Today in 1930 Ellen Church became the First Airline Stewardess when she went on duty aboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Wyoming. Which of these was the largest airline in the USA in 2017 by both number of passengers carried and fleet size? – American, Delta or United?

5) Justin Hartley from "This Is Us" says he was sexually harassed by a female fan. Hartley plays one of the three Pearson triplets on the show. Which one is he?

1) Modeling on “Deal or No Deal” was one of Meghan Markle’s first gigs but Howie Mandel says he doesn’t remember her. In Deal or No Deal, what did the models each hold?

2) John Cena says he wants his ex Nikki Bella back but she's not ready. She says, quote, "The day I say my vows I want to say them once and I want to fully mean them, and that's what made me hesitant." They both wrestle for the WWE. What does WWE stand for?

3) Project Runway will return to its original home Bravo for its 17th season. It had previously aired on what channel for the past 10 years?

4) There is a viral picture making the rounds of Super Mario without hair. Facial or otherwise. And it is unsettling. In the Mario franchise Princess Peach is always being kidnapped by who?

5) Some of Fox’s show renewals include "The Simpsons", "Bob's Burgers", "Empire", and "Family Guy". Who is Bob’s wife on Bob’s Burgers?