Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-16-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 16, 2018

1) Sheldon and Amy's wedding on the 11th season finale of "The Big Bang Theory" attracted 15.5 million viewers to earn the top spot in the weekly ratings. On the episode, a big time Star Wars actor officiated the wedding. Who was it?

2) David Boreanaz is 49 today. He’s most recently known for his role on “Bones” but to a lot of people he’ll always be the hunky vampire from “Buffy” and “Angel”. What was his name on those shows?

3) 32 years ago today Top Gun was released. What branch of service was Maverick, Goose and the boys a part of in that film?

4) Pauley Perrette claims she left her longtime NCIS role after 'multiple physical assaults' and that there is a very rich, very powerful publicity machine attempting to keep her quiet and feed false info to the people. How many different NCIS series are currently airing?

5) On this date in 1965, Spaghetti O’s were first sold. What company makes Spaghetti O’s?

Today in 1990 Muppets Creator Jim Henson died. What is the name of the crazy muppet who plays the drums?

2) Today is National Mimosa Day and brunches everywhere are about to get REAL. What are the two ingredients in the common Mimosa?

3) Megan Fox is 32 today. What former 90’s TV star has she been married too since 2010?

4) A 12-year-old Canadian girl campaigned on social media for Pink to let her sing at her show Saturday night in Vancouver. Which of these three celebs is NOT from Vancouver? - Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bieber or Seth Rogen?

5) Benedict Cumberbatch is asking male actors to boycott projects if their female co-stars are not equally compensated. Cumberbatch plays Sherlock Holmes on the BBC hit “Sherlock”. Who plays Watson on the show?

1) An unidentified woman called the Saugus police because a pack of coyotes had surrounded her and she was stuck up a tree. Who is the Looney Tunes Coyote that is on a never ending chase of the road runner?

2) Fandango is selling a $25,000 Jurassic Park dinosaur head. A hatched dinosaur egg is also being sold through the Fandango Fan Shop. What is Fandango’s main business?

3) Random fact of the day : now that engines are quieter, companies including Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen all add fake engine noise to cars. BMW and Volkswagen are both made in what country?

4)  Pharrell recently purchased Tyler Perry's Los Angeles home for $15.6 million. Who is the tough, elderly woman Tyler Perry is known for playing in several movies?

5) Josh Brolin said he sent Ryan Reynolds a text gushing over how great it was to work on Deadpool 2 and apparently it was over the top enough for him to be embarrassed he sent it the next morning. The highly anticipated sequel comes out in 2 days and Brolin plays the main antagonist. Who does he play?