Can't Beat Kennedy; 05-18-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 18, 2018

Rob Base is 51 today. He’s the man behind the masterpiece hip hop song “It Takes Two”. In the song, It Takes Two to what?

2)  MTV has temporarily suspended production on its show "Catfish", because of sexual misconduct allegations against host and producer. Who is the host of Catfish?

3) 17 years ago today “Shrek” was released. It won the best animated feature Oscar and spawned three sequels. In the film Shrek agrees to rescue a princess for an evil Lord before falling for her and fighting for her love. What is the name of the evil Lord, voiced by John Lithgow?

4) True or False : At age 36, Meghan Markle will be the oldest royal bride when she marries Prince harry.

5) The Epix channel is developing a new origins series about Bruce Wayne's butler. What is the name of Bruce Wayne’s butler?

1) Alec Baldwin & wife Hilaria Baldwin have welcomed their fourth child - a baby boy. What public figure does Baldwin spoof on SNL skits on a semi-regular basis?

2) Singer and friend of the station Rachel Platten turns 37 today. She’s best known for her anthem “Fight Song” but she’s also a Massachusetts native. Is Rachel from Newton, Hanover or Braintree?

3) Prince Harry designed Meghan's engagement ring.  It features 2 gems from the collection of what Princess?

4) Froot Loops is adding its first new flavor in 10 years.Wildberry Fruit Loops will now feature a purple star along with red, blue and green loops. Who is the froot loops mascot?

5) Dallas police recently arrested a 25 year-old man for who was posing as a 17 year-old high school student to play on the basketball team. He also reportedly attempted to date a student. Name the Drew Barrymore movie where she played a news reporter who enrolls back in high school for a story.