Can't Beat Kennedy: 05-23-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

May 23, 2018

1) Today is National Lucky Penny Day. Who is on the Penny?

2) 84 years ago today bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde were shot to death by both Texas and Louisiana state troopers. What music power couple released the song “03 Bonnie and Clyde”?

3)  Leslie Stahl from "60 Minutes" says President Trump once told her the reason he attacks the media is so that, quote, "when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you." Since its debut in 1968, the opening of 60 minutes has featured a what?

4) Liam Neeson is going to star in the new Men In Black movie as the head of the MIB organization. “Frank” was a talking dog in the first two Men In Black movies who acted as an informant for the MIB. What type of dog was he?

5) Voice Actor H. Jon Benjamin is 52 today. He voices the lead roles in both Archer and Bob’s Burgers. And doesn’t actually alter his voice at all for either character. Bob obviously runs a burger restaurant while Archer considers himself to be the greatest ____ in the world.

1) Leah Remini already has a show on A&E about Scientology now she's doing a special for the network on Jehovah's Witnesses. She also starred in a regular sitcom with Kevin James that just got canceled. What was it called?

2) Hugh Grant is marrying his 39-year-old girlfriend.  They've been together more than six years, and she's the mother of three of his five children.  Name the 1999 film Grant starred in opposite Julia Roberts where he played a simple bookshop owner whose life changes once he meets the most famous film star in the world. 

3) Boxer Floyd Mayweather gifted his daughter Iyanna with a 30-carat diamond ring for her 18th birthday.  Jewelers say the ring costs nearly $1 million. It’s nothing new for Floyd to be throwing cash around. In fact, he even has a lifestyle brand named the ___ team.

4) 34 years ago today “Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom” was released. True or False : this was the first Indiana Jones movie ever made.

5) Ryan Coogler is 32 today. He is the Director of “Black Panther” and “Creed”, both of which have the same lead actor. What is his name?

1) On this date in 2017, Roger Moore died. He was an actor most famous for playing what iconic film character?

2) Bebe Rexha says that her career has cost her friends. ''I missed out on a lot of things. I didn’t go to prom, and I didn’t go to graduation.”  Her song “Meant To Be”  with Florida Georgia Line is still killing it on the charts and airwaves. How many members are in Florida Georgia Line?

3) A 43-year-old guy in Canada was recently sentenced to 9 months in jail after he got black-out drunk with a friend . . . then texted him the next morning to ask if he did anything stupid and found out he'd bitten the friend's EAR off. What boxer is famous for biting an opponents ear off?

4) CBS was the most-watched broadcast network this season, for the 10th year in a row. What does CBS stand for?

5) Nickelodeon is bring back its classic 90’s game show “Double Dare”! They are even bringing back the original host. His name is Mark ____.