Can't Beat Kennedy: 06-01-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

June 1, 2018

1) Jennifer Garner is back on the big screen and kicking major butt in the first trailer for her new movie “Peppermint” that just dropped. Speaking of peppermint, “Peppermint Patty’ is a fictional cartoon character from what?

2) Wayne Brady turns 46 tomorrow. What daytime TV game show does he host?

3) Bill Cosby accuser Andrea Constand is going  to break her silence tonight on 'Dateline'. What channel does Dateline air on?

4) The NCIS season finale won the week for TV ratings with 12.1 million viewers. Roseanne was second.  Has NCIS aired for over/under 300 episodes?

5) Tom Cruise posted a picture from the first day of filming on the set of the "Top Gun" sequel. Cruise’s character in the movies is “Maverick”, What was the name of his close friend and radio intercept officer in the movie?

1) It’s not only National Doughnut Day, coincidentally it’s also World Milk Day. For the most part the color of the caps on milk jugs indicate what percentage the milk is. What percentage of milk does a red cap indicate? Whole, Skim or 2%?

2) CNN has responded to Morgan Freeman’s demand for an apology and a retraction.  To paraphrase, they said, "Go ahead and take us to court.  We'll win, and you'll be stuck paying our legal fees." In what classic movie did Freeman play the character “Red” opposite Tim Robbin’s character andy?

3) Jada Pinkett Smith says that she is receiving steroid injections for her hair loss. What is the medical term for hair loss?

4) Samantha Bee is apologizing for calling Ivanka Trump a pretty naughty word on her TBS show "Full Frontal" Wednesday night. What is the tagline for the TBS channel?

5) Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are Instagram official. What is the name of Grande’s new single that she performed at the Billboard Music Awards and has been getting played at radio stations across the country… including this one.

1) On a new Family Feud episode they had a survey question : "Tell me a kid's breakfast cereal character that would be a good name for a male stripper." Cone contestant answered; "Count Chocula." And it was the #6 answer on the board. Who hosts Family Feud?

2) Kesha says her biggest turnoff is people with smelly fingers who try to touch her. She also hates circles. Let’s bump some old school Kesha real quick. Finish the lyric.

3) 226 years ago today Kentucky became the 15th state. Which of these 3 celebs is from Kentucky? – Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt or Amy Schumer?

4) The new "Crow" movie with Jason Mamoa is back on the shelf, due to a financial disagreement with the producer. What superhero does Mamoa play?

5) Dominic Cooper turns 40 today. He stars as Jesse Custer on what AMC show that was developed and produced by Seth Rogen?