Can't Beat Kennedy: 06-07-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

June 7, 2018

1) On this date in 1993, Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol and asked to be called what?

2) TV might be getting even trashier.  Word has it MTV is thinking about bringing back "The Hills", and the USA Network is trying to revive a former Fox reality show called "Temptation Island". “The Hills” was a spin-off of what other reality show starring Lauren Conrad?

3) Friends co-creator David Crane said Wednesday that a reunion of the sitcom will “never” happen, but did share a little good news: Ross and Rachel are still together.  Which of the Friends was a chef as their occupation?

4) Joss Whedon has a new female detective comedy series in development at Freeform. What was the freeform channel called before they rebranded in 2015?

5) Survival expert Bear Grylls is 44 today. What is the name of the show he used to host on the Discovery  Channel before being canned over a contract dispute?

1) Rocker Tommy Lee obviously hasn’t learned his lesson. His fiancé says they’ve already made sex tapes but they’re not coming out. Who did Tommy Lee make a very famous tape with back in the day?

2) "Forbes" has released its annual list of the '100 Highest Paid Athletes in the World.' Floyd Mayweather is #1 but the bigger news is there are NO women in the Top 100.  That hasn't happened since they started doing the list in 2010. Only one female athlete made it last year. Who was it?

3) Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron will voice Gomez and Morticia in the animated "Addams Family" movie that comes out next year. What are the names of the two Addams Family children?

4) Fashion Designer Kate Spade was found dead in her home on Tuesday. She was the sister-in-law of David Spade, and actually got her only credit as an actress in 2002 on his sitcom where he played David Finch. What was the show?

5) Today is National Moonshine Day. What Discovery Channel TV show follows the lives of people producing illegal moonshine?

1) Jennifer Lawrence allegedly regrets turning down a role in ''Ocean's 8.” Sandra Bullock plays ringleader Debbie Ocean in the all female remake. Which actor played Danny Ocean in the original?

2) Bruce Springsteen is set to perform at the Tony Awards in New York on Sunday. The Tony’s honor what artform?

3) LeBron James has been wearing Stewie Griffin Nike sneakers to practice during the NBA finals. Stewie Griffin is on what TV show?

4) Which company was founded first? Netflix or Google?

5) Dan watched Moana for the first time yesterday and loved it so we’re getting a Moana question today for no good reason. In the film there was a demigod named Maui, he had a magical weapon that allowed him to shapeshift, what was it?