Can't Beat Kennedy : 06-08-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

June 8, 2018

1) Debra Messing says she was sexually harassed and tricked into doing nudity in her first movie role. Messing stars on what OTHER, non-Roseanne recently revived hit sitcom?

2) Boston sports legend Tedy Bruschi is 45 today. What hometown team did Tedy play for?

3) The last surviving Wizard of Oz Munchkin has died at the age of 98. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s three companians, a lion, a scarecrow and a tinman all wanted something from the Wizard. What did they each want?

4) In a fantastic day in movie history, BOTH Ghostbusters and Gremlins debuted at box offices today in 1984. Which one made more money on opening weekend?

5) IKEA is teaming up with Beyonce's sister, Solange, to design a new line of furniture and other accessories. No word on a launch date What country was IKEA founded in?

1) A Film version of Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway show “In The Heights” is coming June 2020. Lin created “Hamilton” and also co-wrote all the songs on this hit 2016 Disney animated movie about a strong willed daughter of a chief of a Polynesian village. What’s the movie?

2) Actor Jerry Stiller is 91 today. He’s Ben Stiller’s dad in real life but he’s also been a TV dad in some hit shows.  He was George’s dad on Seinfeld and Carrie’s dad on what hit sitcom?

3) Pippa Middleton is pregnant with her first child. Is she older or younger than her sister Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge? 

4) Pablo Escobar's widow, Maria, and his son, Sebastian, were charged with money laundering yesterday in Argentina. What is the Netflix original series that follows the exploits of Pablo Escobar among other Colombian drug kingpings?

5) David Harbour from "Stranger Things" is bipolar, and he was once in an asylum.  He says, quote, "[It's] really not as fun as you think it is . . . it just ends up being sad and smells like [poop]." In Stranger Things Harbour plays a police chief named what?

1) Sasha Obama turns 17 on Sunday. How many children do Barack and Michelle have?

2) Today is National “Name Your Poison Day”. It’s apparently about bartenders and the use of that phrase or some other silly nonsense. We’re going with the band Poison instead for this question. Which of these songs is NOT from the 80’s rock                 band?  – Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Nothin’ But a Good Time or Pour Some Sugar on Me?

3) A man from Westbury, New York Stole $50K worth of jewelry from Kay Jewelers: There was a variety of interesting Jewelry in Moana…. No, I’m just kidding guys... What is the tagline for Kay Jewelers?

4) Former talk show host Jon Stewart may do Dancing with the Stars. Who took over Stewart’s old gig  “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central?

5) Anne Hathaway was feeling a little heavy when she hit the set of "Ocean's 8", but the other girls were totally supportive.  Especially Rihanna, who said, quote, "Damn girl . . . You got an ass like me." What 2014 move about space travel did she star        in alongside Matthew McConaughey?