Can't Beat Kennedy: 06-11-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

June 11, 2018

1) Kelly Clarkson says that Blake Shelton is now referring to her as The Queen because she won ''The Voice.'' Who were the other two coaches last season?

2) Eminem freaked some people out by playing what sounded like a gunshot during his set at Bonnaroo.  But other people pointed out that he's been using that sound effect for years. He used the same sound effect during his set here over Memorial Day Weekend. Where did he play here?

3) Actor Peter Dinklage is 49 today. What is his characters name on Game of Thrones?

4) Vince Vaughn got a DUI over the weekend. He played Sgt. Howell in what 2016 Oscar Nominated WW2 movie starring Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss?

5) TV personality and Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain was found dead on Friday at the age of 61. He was the host of what CNN food & travel show?

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard says he has a tie for favorite movie : Dumb & Dumber and Wedding Crashers. Who are the two lead actors in Wedding Crashers?

2) In 1965, a Senate report predicted we would be working just 14 hours a week by the year 2000 because technology would make everything so much easier. How many members are in The Senate 50 or 100?

3) A preview has released for the HBO special "Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind". What year did Robin pass away? 2014, or 2016?

4) 25 years ago today Steven Spielberg released the first Jurrassic Park. What is the current version of the franchise starring Chris Pratt named?

5) Maroon 5 has released a video for their cover of “Three Little Birds”. What artist originally recorded “Three Little Birds”?

1) Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino’s lawyer was able to get his sentencing postponed till September 7th. In honor of that let’s play another round of Jersey Shore Lingo! What is a blowout?

2) Today in 1982, E.T. opened in theaters. What does E.T. stand for?

3) A trailer for the new “Halloween” movie dropped Friday. Who is the villain in the “Halloween” franchise?

4) Only 4 days until The Incredibles 2 hits theaters! What is the superhero name of the mother of the Parr family in the movies?

5) Diddy is no longer interested in owning an NFL team, because he says the league's new national anthem policy oppresses black men.  What was the name of Diddy’s MTV reality show where he had thousands of people auditon for a place in a new musical group he was forming and eventually whittled it down to 6 members?