Can't Beat Kennedy: 06-14-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

June 14, 2018

1) President Trump is 72 today. What is his famous slogan that he put on hats during his campaign?

2) 76 years ago today Disney released "Bambi", tramautizing millions of children. What type of animal is Bambi?

3) Today is Flag Day. A recurring joke on the Big Bang Theory is that Sheldon Cooper has had a long running youtube show about flags. What is it called?

4) Leslie Jones hopes SNL will be less political next season, because " you need the three stooges just as much as you need John Oliver. What is the political Satire show John Oliver hosts?

5) Tiffany Haddish said she propositioned Leonardo DiCpario for sex... but only if he roleplayed as his character from What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Who played Gilbert Grape in that film?

1) London’s world famous wax museum has unveiled their new Ed Sheeran wax statue. It shows him playing guitar in a cat café. What is the name of the museum, that also has locations all around the world?

2) Millie Bobbie Brown quit Twitter after being targeted by trolls posting homophobic memes. She’s 14 years old you freaking lunatics. She stars in “Stranger Things” as Eleven. In Stranger Things what is the name of the alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world.

3) 241 years ago today the Continental Congress made the Stars and Stripes the First National Flag.   How many stars were on the first flag?

4) The Chainsmokers are going to play a Pepsi-sponsored concert on July 24th in Los Angeles. They will be covering hits by some of Pepsi's biggest spokespersons including Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Beyonce. Name the Chainsmokers biggest hit to date, that features Halsey and peaked at #1 on the charts in Fall on 2016.

5) When Quentin Tarantino first asked Neil Diamond to use his music in "Pulp Fiction", he said no, because he had a policy of not letting his stuff be used for drug references, but his publisher convinced him to say yes. Who played Butch, an aging boxer paid off to take a dive in the movie?

1)  Ben Affleck may not return as Batman because the franchise's next director, Matt Reeves, has turned in a screenplay that calls for a younger version of the character. Who was the last Batman before Affleck?

2) The "Hollywood Reporter" has a rundown of the 'most powerful people in comedy,' and it includes Dave Chappelle, Tina Fey and Donald Glover. Tina Fey played Liz Lemon on what hit sitcom?

3) 19 years ago today Eminem married his now ex-wife. They got divorced and remarried and then divorced again over the span of a few years. He’s never married anyone else. What is the first name of his ex, who he has made several songs about.

4) George Lucas says that if HE did the "Star Wars" sequels, they would have been about microbiotic creatures called "The Whills" that control the universe and feed off the force. Arent you glad he sold the franchise now? Speaking of which, who did Lucas sell to?

5) The owner of the “Bunny Ranch”, Dennis Hof, won the Nevada Republican primary for a state legislature seat. Name the former basketball player and husband to a Kardashian that almost died from an overdose at the Bunny Ranch.