Can't Beat Kennedy: 06-15-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

June 15, 2018

1) June 16th 1893 is the day Cracker Jacks were invented. What famous song has the lyrics “Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks”.

2) Kim and Kanye’s daughter North West is 5 today. Is she the oldest of their three children?

3)   It sounds like "The Jerry Springer Show" is ending after 26 seasons, and almost 4,000 episodes. Spinger is actually filmed in New England. What state is it filmed in?

4) Today in 1994, The Lion King opened in theaters. Who was the villain in The Lion King?

5) Chris Pratt says he is available for a Parks & Recreation reboot: saying "If i’m in town, yeah". Parks & Rec was how he got his big break. What was his characters name on the show?

1) Ellen DeGeneres just announced her first stand-up tour in 15 years. Ellen is married to Portia De Rossi. Portia plays Elizabeth North on what Shonda Rhimes created show?

2) Dairy Queen is celebrating the release of ''Jurassic World'' with a Jurassic World-inspired ice cream. What does Dairy Queen call it’s soft serve ice cream with blended in toppings?

3)  A list of the most rewatchable movies includes:  "Back to the Future", "E.T.", and "Fight Club". Who are the two lead actors of Fight Club?

4) Which Celeb caused Snapchats stock to drop 1.3 BILLION dollars back in February after tweeting about how they don’t use it anymore.

5) Today is National Lobster Day. Shout out to the homie Kate Merrill. Lobsters, crabs, and shrimp are all classified as what type of animal?

1) There's an awesome Twitter account where people take partially-finished "Wheel of Fortune" puzzles and fill them in with ridiculous answers. Who has been turning the letters on Wheel of Fortune for decades?

2) Neil Patrick Harris is 45 today. He was on what hugely popular sitcom that also starred Jason Segel?

3) Sir Mix-A-Lot is getting his own home improvement show on the DIY Network called ''Sir Mix-A-Lot’s House Remix''. Sir Mix A-lot’s Anaconda don’t want none if you don’t what?

4) The first trailer dropped for Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” movie.  In Dumbo, who is Dumbo's only true friend besides his mother?

5) Laurie Metcalf is 63 today. She played Roseanne’s sister before Roseanne blew the show up via Twitter. What was her characters name?