Can't Beat Kennedy : 06-27-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

June 27, 2018

1) Khloe Kardashian is 34 today. People love to wildly speculate that what infamous athlete is actually her dad instead of Robert Kardashian?

2) Terry Crews talked to the Senate yesterday about being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood agent at a party. Asked why he didn't fight back, he said quote, "As a black man in America, you only have a few shots at success." What Cop sitcom does he currently star in?

3) A fisherman was working about three miles out at sea in England when two AMATEUR PIRATES in an inflatable dinghy paddled up to him and stole his fish at knifepoint. What is the Tom Hanks movie where he is a captain whose boat gets boarded by Somali Pirates?

4) The Grammys are expanding from five nominees to eight for Best Album, Song, Record, and New Artist. Which Pop star swept the three major categories in the 2018 Grammys and won Record, album and song of the year?

5) The hit video game Fortnite: Battle Royal just made $318 million in only a single month. It’s one of the biggest games ever. Up to how many online players can take place in a battle royal at once?

1) Today is National Sunglasses Day. It reminds Dan of a popular 80’s song by Corey Hart.  Corey only wears his sunglasses when?

2) On this date in 1984, the PG-13 movie rating was introduced. What does the movie rating PG mean?

3)  People on Reddit are arguing that Harry Potter is more of a jock than a nerd, because he was rich, screwed around all the time at school, was the principal's favorite, and ended up joining the "police". What is the name of the poor, red headed wizarding family that Harry grows close to?

4) Only 7 days until Independence Day! Who plays the President in the film “Independence Day”?

5) Ronnie from the "Jersey Shore" had a little spat with his ex . . . and she ended up dragging him with her car while their daughter was in the backseat. let’s play another round of Jersey Shore Lingo! What is the name of Ronnie’s signature drink that he makes for the crew before they go out? A night has never ended good for Ronnie after drinking this.

1) Freaking BS Alert! With Independence Day coming up ranked the states from most to least patriotic. And Massachusetts ranked in the BOTTOM THREE! True or False : The Entire fight for Independence aka the Revolutionary War started in Massachusetts.

2) Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day is Tuesday, July 10th. Anyone, who visits the restaurant dressed as a cow will receive a free entrée. What is Chick-Fil-A’s slogan?

3) Actor Sam Claflin is 32 today. He plays Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games movies. What District did Katniss represent in the Hunger Games? – District 1, District 9 or District 12?

4) Four years ago today The Mark Wahlberg film “Transformers : Age Of Extinction” released. It earned over a billion dollars worldwide. What are the group of good robots called in Transformers?

5) Chandler Riggs is 19. He’s Carl on The Walking Dead. In the Walking Dead what is the name of the antagonist with a baseball bat named Lucille who goes against Rick?