Can't Beat Kennedy: 07-19-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

July 19, 2018

1) Today in 1995 the Reality TV show “Road Rules” made its debut on what network?

2) Paris Hilton called Lindsay Lohan a “Pathological Liar” on Instagram. Which of the two has more Instagram followers?

3) A couple recently got married at Disney's Hollywood Studios. A live band was playing during their reception when Olivia Newton-John crashed the party and began singing. What was her character’s name in Grease?

4) Only 8.5 million people watched the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday night. The game got beat by ''America's Got Talent'' which had 9.5 million viewers. Who took over for Nick Cannon as host of America’s Got Talent?

5) Actor Jared Padalecki is 35 today. He plays Sam Winchester on what CW series that has aired for 13 seasons about two brothers who hunt demons, ghosts and monsters among other things.

Selena Gomez says that she wants to make a cameo on the TV show ''Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Because she’s a fan. The lead actor who plays Jake Peralta heard about it and says they’re going to ask. Who plays Jake?

3) Bebe Rexha made an adorable social media post about how she found out she was nominated for her first ever VMA. She’s up for best collaboration for her song Meant To Be. Who did she collab with for the track?

4) This 2005 film about Four girlfriends that plan to stay connected with one another as their lives take off in different directions by passing around a pair of secondhand jeans is being made into a Broadway Musical. What’s the movie called?

5) Today is New Friends Day. But why make new friends when you can just watch Friends reruns on Netflix. On the show, who manages the coffee shop where all the Friends hang out?

1) A giant, 25-foot statue of Jeff Goldblum was unveiled yesterday in front of London's Tower Bridge. It shows him lying on the ground with his shirt completely open. The statue was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ''Jurassic Park''.  Finish his famous quote from Jurassic Park - ____ finds a way.

2) Zedd Shared his New Single “Happy Now”. Who sang on his last single “The Middle”?

3)  According to reports online were over or under 100 MILLION products purchased on Amazon prime day alone?

4) Officials recently banned tour buses from stopping at the famous home from "Full House." Neighbors had been complaining about large crowds and blocked driveways. Where did Full House take place? It’s also where the house is.

5) On this date in 1954, a book called "The Lord of the Rings” was published. How many movies did they make in the early 2000’s?