Can't Beat Kennedy : 07-27-18

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

July 27, 2018

1) Taylor Swift is at Gillette all weekend supporting her latest album Reputation which is her 6th. What was the name of her last album before reputation? RED or 1989?

2) On this date in 1940, Bugs Bunny made his debut. What is the name of the hunter who chases after him saying “Be berry berry qwiet. I’m hunting wabbits”? 

3) Taylor Schilling is 33 today. She plays Piper Chapman in what hit Netflix prison show?

4) The 6th installment of the Mission Impossible series comes out today. They  have all starred Tom Cruise and which other actor who rose to fame after his role in Pulp Fiction?

5) Patriots training camp continues today. Coach Belichick reiterated that he is only going to talk about the 2018 Patriots' season and not any of the past seasons. Name three of the past seasons the patriots won a Superbowl.

1) Hometown girl Rachel Platten is having a baby! What is Rachel’s biggest song to date?

2) Ryan Reynolds is developing a new Home Alone-esque comedy called Stoned Alone. It’s basically the same premise except instead of a kid it’s a stoned guy in his 20’s. The two criminals were known as the wet bandits in Home Alone. They were played by Daniel Stern and who?

3) According to a new survey, Boston is the 7th most educated city in America based on the number of Bachelor’s degrees in the area. How many years of full time study does it take typically to get a Bachelor’s degree?

4) Tomorrow is National Hamburger Day. What is the name of the hit animated show on Fox about a man and his family working at their burger restaurant?

5) A petition demanding Disney re-hire James Gunn has over 300,000 names. He was the director of the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”. Which actor  played Chris Pratts father in the second  Guardians film?

1) Cardi B has dropped out of her fall tour with Bruno Mars to focus on being a mom. What song do the pair have together?

2) Jenna Dewan is baring it all on the New Cover of “Women’s Health”. What actor is she currently in the process of getting a divorce from?

3) A zoo in Cairo has been caught painting their donkeys to make them look like zebras. Name the animated movie about zoo animals where Chris Rock voices a Zebra named Marty.

4) Bryce Dallas Howard is set to paly Elton John’s mother in the upcoming Biopic “Rocketman”. She currently stars in what movie franchise alongside Chris Pratt?

5) On this date in 2002, Mariah Carey checked herself into an undisclosed hospital because of "extreme exhaustion."  How many children do she and Nick Cannon have together?