Can't Beat Kennedy: Denise from North Attleboro


February 21, 2018

Denise from North Attleboro

1) Ryan Reynolds posted pictures of kids with cancer visiting the set of "Deadpool 2", and someone complained because it's an Rated-R movie. Ryan replied that after what they've gone through, "I think they can watch whatever they like." Where is Ryan Reynolds from? Hint: it’s even in his twitter handle.

2) Joel McHale says E! told him to quit making fun of the Kardashians when he hosted his weekly pop culture show on the station. What was it called?

3) Lorde has struggled with bad acne for years and a lot of her fans like to tell her what to do about it much to her dismay. Lorde is from New Zealand. What is the international nickname for people from New Zealand?

4) Rihanna is 30 years old today. How many #1 songs does Rihanna have 8 or 14?

5) Word spread over social media yesterday that Sylvester Stallone had died of prostate cancer. Of course he went online to report that he is in fact still breathing. In his Rambo movies, what is Rambo’s first name?

Amanda from Durham

1) Actor Jerry O'Connell turned 44 over the weekend. He played the overweight and sometimes picked on friend Vern in what 1980's coming of age classic where 4 friends go looking for a dead body?

2) Elton John says he'll be working with Beyonce for  a new song for the  Lion King remake. Beyonce is also voicing a character in the film. She plays the lioness who is Simba's childhood friend who later becomes his wife. What is her name?

3) Brian Litrell of the Backstreet Boys is 43 today. What city were the Backstreet Boys formed in back in '93?

4) On this date in 1947 the worlds first polaroid Camera was demonstrated. What song says the lyrics "Shake it like a Polaroid picture?

5) Fergie butchered the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game. She released her first album in 11 years in 2017. What was it called?