Can't Beat Kennedy: Marybeth From Chelmsford

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

April 4, 2018

1) Cardi B will join Jimmy Fallon as The Tonight Show's first-ever co-host next week. Cardi B will be the opening for what superstar she recently collaborated  with to start the final leg of his tour in September?

2) The Masters is cracking down on drunk people heckling at the Masters . . . so they're alerting security to phrases that will immediately get people booted from the event.  One of them is the Bud Light catchphrase.. which prompted a response tweet from Bud Light. What is the current Bud Light catchphrase?

3) 10 years ago today in 2008 Beyonce married Jay-Z at his apartment in New York City. Was Beyonce still a member of Destiny’s Child at that point?

4) It would have been actor Heath Ledgers birthday today. One of his biggest quotes from his stint as the Joker in The Dark Knight is “Why So ____.”

5) Black Panther is now one of the top ten highest grossing films of all-time taking the No. 10 spot from Frozen.  What is the main character, The Black Panthers name?

1) A new version of Monopoly, inspired by the TV show "Friends," is now available exclusively in England. Which of the Friends was an amateur musician who often played acoustic sets at the coffee shop?

2) Ruby Rose and her girlfriend have reportedly broken up. Ruby rose to fame on what popular Netflix series?

3) On this date in 1932, Vitamin C was discovered. To take this in a completely different direction Vitamin C was also a pop star in the late 90’s and early 2000’s who is best known for this single that is still popular with high school seniors about to finish school.

4) A list of celebrities with weird middle names includes:  Ben Affleck's middle name being Géza  and Jennifer Lawrence's being Shrader. What 2013 film did Jennifer win her Best Actress Oscar for?

5) Lebron James says he always cries during a scene in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" where Will breaks down over his father who abandoned him. What was the occupation of Will’s Uncle Phil?

1) One year after going to rehab for alcohol addiction Verne Troyer has been hospitalized with  potential alcohol poisoning. Troyer played Dr. Evil’s sidekick in the Austin Power movies what was his name?

2) Budweiser and Jim Beam are teaming up to create a brand new beer.  It's going to be aged on wood pieces from Jim Beam's barrels, and it's scheduled to come out in September. What celebrity is currently the face of Jim Beam?

3) is turning ''A League of Their Own'' into a TV series. In a League of their own an all female baseball league is started because of what event threatening to shut down Major League Baseball?

4) A new song by The Weeknd makes it sound like he considered giving Selena Gomez a kidney when they were dating.  But a source says he just wrote that to get attention, and Selena never would have asked him anyway. What year did The Weeknd blow up on the scene with three top 5 smashes including I can’t Feel My Face and “The Hills”?

5) Robert Downey Jr. turns 53 today.  He obviously plays Marvel’s Iron Man. What metal band released a song called Iron Man back in 1970 whose concert Tee’s Downey is often seen wearing in the films?