Can't Lick Salt : 07-25-18

Can YOU Lick Salt?

July 25, 2018

1) Howie Mandel is going to host ''Deal or No Deal'' again. The reboot will debut in December on CNBC. What is the object the money is held in on the game?

2) On this date in 2008, California became the first state to ban trans fats from restaurant food. What mega star actor was the Governor of California during this time who passed the law?

3) Peter Mayhew, the actor who plays Chewbacca underwent successful spinal surgery. What is Chewbacca?

4) Shawn Mendes says that his favorite 'throwback' song is Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River.' Did that song come out in 2002 or 2008?

5) Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend did his first interview since their breakup and he said he’s happy for her and Pete Davidson. Who is he?

1) Lamar Odom and his friends were recently dining at a Hooters restaurant when they got into it with another group of guys and shots were fired in the direction of Lamar. Who was Lamar married too from 2009-2016?

2) Today in 1990, Roseanne sang one of the worst renditions of The National Anthem in the history of sporting events… and probably singing for that matter. What is the first two lines of the National Anthem?

3) Actor Matt Leblanc is 51.  He played Joey on Friends. What was Joey’s last name?Actor Matt Leblanc is 51.  He played Joey on Friends. What was Joey’s last name?

4) Ryan Lochte has been suspended from swimming in competitions until July of 2019 for violating the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s rules.He caused an international scandal during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Where were they held?

5) Ryan Reynolds says that he got Brad Pitt to make a cameo in ''Deadpool 2'' by buying him a cup of coffee because that’s all Brad wanted. What was the name of the superhero group Deadpool formed in the movie that got Brad his cameo?

1) Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans pulled a gun during a road-rage incident while her 8-year-old son sat next to her. Does Teen Mom air on VH1, Bravo or MTV?

2) Ben Affleck wants to star in a family friendly movie for his children where he plays the hero. What pixar movie just came out last month about a family of heros?

3) Millions of goldfish crackers have been recalled over salmonella concerns. The tagline for goldfish is “the snack that ____’s back!”

4) Charlie Sheen has slashed the selling price of his Beverly Hills home by $800,000. He now wants $9.2 million for the seven bedroom, seven bathroom estate. What illness did sheen come out publicly as having back in 2015?

5) Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright are going to make cameos on Tia Leoni's CBS drama ''Madam Secretary.'' Leoni plays Elizabeth McCord on the show, what is her occupation?