Jon Bon Jovi Reveals The Meaning Of New Album '2020' & Why He Quit Acting!

October 1, 2020

Jon Bon Jovi was the latest guest to join Karson & Kennedy Talk with Famous People powered by Arbella Insurance!

It's been a wild year and the band is readying their next album aptly titled 2020. "The truth is it's a year unlike any before. In March of 2019 we went to Nashville to record what I thought was the album - in retrospect it really was just the first batch of songs" the "Do What You Can singer revealed. 

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The album title 2020 was actually decided before the year even began. "I did come up with the album title then and there, but it had dual meaning at the time. One clear vision. After all that we'd been through in the release of our last record This House Is Not For Sale I thought okay we're through that rough patch. I have clear vision I know what the future holds 2020 works, and then there's the tongue in cheek when we release this album it going to be an election year and it will be a hell of a bumper sticker!" 

As the year progressed this album title really began to take on a whole new meaning. "As events started to unfold and I had more opportunity write I couldn't help but bear witness to history."

Jon opened up that after the COVID crisis and everything else that the songs "Lower The Flag," "Let It Rain," "Do What You Can," and "American Reckoning" really changed the depth of the meaning of this album.

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If you're a big fan of Jon you may know that he's had quite the acting career aside from fronting one of the most famous band of all-time - seriously, check out his IMDB page. Ever wonder why he stopped acting? 

"I sort of given it up quite a few years ago. Hollywood said to me the reason why you're not getting the big roles is because every time you get a spark you disappear for a year [on tour] and none of us want to invest in a guy that's gonna take off and I was like, 'I have a day job!'"

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