Karson & Kennedy: Charlie Puth Talks James Taylor, Singing Shirtless, & His Blonde Hair

Even Charlie Puth knows the K&K youngsters are always late.....

July 31, 2018

We sat down with Charlie Puth before he hit the stage at the Mix Beach House! 

The "Attention" singer dropped his new album Voicenotes back in May and is currently touring with Hailee Steinfeld. When it comes to performing, the singer stated it's more comforting to perform to a larger group of people. In Boston, he did half of the show shirtless and explained why with a lesson he learned from Billy Joel, "I don't remember what I do on stage!" #PantsOffPuth

James Taylor spends a lot of time nearby on Martha's Vineyard and he is also featured on the track "Change" off Voicenotes. "That took about 6-months in the making. I just continuously hit him up and one day he was like 'Sure I'll meet you!' and our schedules just lined up...it was legendary!" 


When it comes to his recent blonde locks, it was mainly out of boredom. "I probably should've just gone to eat something fun and maybe distracted myself." The goal was completely bleached out like Eminem, but he later learned bleaching that much hair really burns your scalp!! 

As you know, Annie was late and almost missed her entire shift right before the Beach House. Even Charlie Puth remembered how the youngsters of the Karson & Kennedy morning show seem to always be late. "Why am I getting a sense of deja vu right now, has this happened before?!" Shoutout to Intern Christina.....

Check out the full interview above!