Karson & Kennedy: Laverne Cox Joined K&K In Studio To Talk Yes On 3

The Orange is the New Black star joined us in studio!

October 24, 2018
Laverne Cox, Karson, Kennedy, Salt, Annie

Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox joined us to talk Yes On 3. "Yes on 3 is about love, it's about saying that we believe every person born in the state of Massachusetts and born in this country should have a right to live their best lives and have access to everything."

If you are not familiar with Question 3, Laverne started off by explaining the importance of the vote.

"Question 3 will be the first time that trans protections will be on its statewide initiative. It's the first time that citizens of an entire state in this country have the opportunity to vote for transgender rights, so this is actually really important not just for the state of Massachusetts but for trans people all over this country. Massachusetts, with Question 3, by voting Yes, has the opportunity to send a message to the rest of the country that they believe that everyone should have equal protections under the law despite what the current administration might say." 

She went on to talk about public accomodations. "Two years ago when public accomodoations were added to protections for trans people in the civil rights law it was an incredible celebration. So many people work so hard here and have that taken away seems to just be an affront to so much of the work that so many citizens of Massachusetts have done. I want to celebrate that work!" 

Initiatlly, Cox did not know about Question 3, so she wanted to make sure that people out there know about it and what it means. "We [trans people] are discriminated against in unspeakable ways, and so having civil rights protections gives just a little bit of hope to trans people that when they go to a restaurant, hospital, when they just leave their homes that they can go and live their lives safely. Public accomodations are crucial to any civil rights protection." 

"I'm choosing love today. I'm chosing not to embrace fear and I want to encourage other folks not to be afraid of some mythical thing that folks think will happen if trans people have protections."

Laverne Cox eloquently explained the question, trans rights, biology, discrimination, and more. Hear what she said above!