Madonna Reveals The Backstory and Inspirations Of ‘Madame X,’ Playing Intimate Venues, and Mundane Activities

May 28, 2019

Nicholas Hunt / Staff

Madonna is opening up about the many sides of Madame X.

“You know I’ve been called many things, but I also am many things...Some of it’s realistic and practical and other things are more metaphorical,” she told RADIO.COM’s Karson & Kennedy from Mix 104.1. “I am a mother, but I also consider myself a teacher and a student. I’m an equestrian I ride horses, but I also clean my house!”

With every album the “Mendellín” singer has always delivered an iconic backstory and world around her work, but Madame X brings something new. “This time I created a character who could be many personas…I am all of those things. I do travel around the world, I do change my identity, I am fighting for freedom, I hope I’m bringing light to dark places. So basically I’m just saying what it is.”

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Although this new moniker may seem new to many people it’s one she’s held since the age of 19. “The name Madame X is a name that I was given when I was 19 and I was a student at the Martha Graham School. She gave me that name specifically for that reason – that everytime I came to class she didn’t recognize me because I kept changing my hairstyles and the way I looked.” The singer noted “she was kind of giving me a hard time and criticizing me” with the name, but she decided to take it as a compliment.

In support of Madame X, Madonna will be performing at theaters around the country, which are much smaller than the typical venues she performs at. When it comes to large arenas and small venues, she mentions how both are “equally exhilarating” but the intimacy is lost at massive venues.

“I always find when I’m on tour and I’m playing big places when I get to play the off small theater here and there along the way I’m always so thrilled to get into a small room and be able to see people’s faces, look into their eyes, hear what they’re saying, like talk back to people and have an audience connection that I can’t have in a big sports arena.”

When it comes to mundane activities, Madonna is just like the rest of us in many ways. She may not consider watching Game of Thrones mundane, but she is watching – she has yet to reach the finale (no spoilers please).

“I do occasionally go out to dinner, or take a walk around the block, or watch a movie with my children, or just watch a movie on my own.”

Listen to Madonna open up about Madame X, controversy and censorship, and more in the interview above. Karson & Kennedy even had a special guest – Lizzo – ask her a question!