Mayor Marty Walsh On Boston Marathon, "We're Having Ongoing Conversations"

March 12, 2020

As coronavirus cases continue to increase people everywhere have countless questions.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called into RADIO.COM's Karson & Kennedy of Mix 104.1 to detail precautions the city is taking to stop the spread of this virus. "When I think about what we're doing here in the city we’re being very thoughtful, we're taking impressive action to avoid the spread of the virus."

Walsh detailed the city is looking into how they can "interact remotely and put services online so we can help people to make sure we keep City Hall open." He has also been speaking to other Mayors around the country to get additional insight on information, precautions, preventions, and more.

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Currently, many events -- from sports to concerts to conventions -- are being cancelled or postponed, and colleges in the city are sending students home and finishing the semester online. One of the big questions on people's minds is if the Boston Marathon will still happen. The race is currently scheduled for Monday April 20th.

"We're looking at the Boston Marathon to see what do we do there in that particular case." Walsh went on to say, "the numbers are anticipated to be higher for odds of coronavirus cases in Boston and Massachusetts by Marathon Monday, so we're having ongoing conversations right now."

Yesterday the Boston Athletic Association released an update on the race. "The Boston Athletic Association continues to meet and work closely with city and state officials involved in the Boston Marathon. Our collective priority is the health and safety of residents, participants, and all who come to Massachusetts for this worldwide event. As this situation is rapidly evolving, details will be forthcoming."

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It's important that everyone is aware of CDC and WHO guidelines. The coronavirus known as COVID-19 can easily spread from surfaces to your hands to inside your body, so the CDC recommends everyone take precautions by avoiding touching their eyes, nose, and mouth. It's also vital to appropriately wash your hands regularly and for th recommended time as well.

Listen to Mayor Marty Walsh's full interview below and learn about all of the steps the city of Boston is taking to prevent the spread of this virus.