The Royal Puppy Wedding Happened!

EASILY The Event Of The Year!!

May 18, 2018
Royal Puppy Wedding

We have all things Royal Puppy Wedding conveniently  located right here. Now where to begin?

Our wonderful wedding singer, 13 year old Jason, arrived bright and early with his mom and his guitar.  It turns out this was his first time playing for anyone but family and he's doing it on the radio! 

Kennedy was REALLY iffy about our choice of Royal Puppy Wedding officiant in Pat The Pot Head. We talked to Pat moments before the puptials about if he was prepared to officiate his first ever wedding. He just wishes we told him it was puppies earlier before he spent $100 on overnight shipping for his licensing to make this official!

And Finally the event we've all been waiting for. THE ROYAL PUPPY WEDDING!

You can also see the live video feed of the entire event below. We went all out on the Pomp & Circumstance.