Teddy Swims

15 Seconds -- Teddy Swims

October 2, 2019

The artist known as Teddy Swims makes you feel things.

Trying to describe Teddy’s music is impossible. Thankfully, that voice… literally, speaks for itself. It’s the kind of thing that you feel, deep down in your gut. Instantly familiar, yet brand new. Teddy’s voice is like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer on a cold winter’s night.

Scrolling through the comments on his YouTube channel, we found a never ending stream of equally flabbergasted and impressed fans:

“Why am I just now finding out about you. This is perfection.”

“Dude! Standing O right here!”

“This man’s voice is unreal one in a million.”

“I teared up a bit, don't know exactly why, but this is beautiful, ok you got a new subscriber.”

“I was actually speechless listening to this…”

We couldn’t agree more.

We first featured Teddy Swims on #15Seconds earlier this summer, when he had about 12k subscribers. In four short months and about 12 video uploads, Teddy has passed the 100,000 subscriber mark, and his Bonnie Raitt cover of “I Can’t Make Me Love You” has over one and a half MILLION views in under two weeks.

Over the past few months, we’ve gone on to feature the soulful Georgia crooner five times, but it’s still not enough. That’s why for only the fifth time since 2011 we’re dedicating the entire week of our 15 Seconds Indie Artist Spotlight to one amazing artist.

And amazing he is. Exhibit B:

In one adlib at the beginning of one of his videos, Teddy tugs at his “Team Fajita” t-shirt and jokingly asks viewers to support his music so he can quit his job at Chili’s Restaurant. One thing’s for sure, the man will not be making fajitas for much longer. Although, we’re betting he makes a mean carne asada, too.

Last week, Teddy Swims appeared sold out a popular Atlanta area music venue and performed his music with his band, whom he refers to as his best friends.

Last month Teddy released his first original song, Night Off, who’s radio premiere happened on MIX 104.1’s 15 Seconds.

Catch Teddy Swims all this week at 7:40 and 10:40PM with Matthew Reid!

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