Watch Troye Sivan Stumble through Boujee Cooking Challenge

And end up killing it

November 8, 2018
Troye Sivan. "Boy Erased" Los Angeles Special Screening


Troye Sivan continues to prove he can handle art in any form, from singing to dancing to painting and now… cooking. Although Troye considers himself a solidly beginner chef and nothing more, the “My My My!” singer isn’t letting that stop him.

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In a new video with Bon Appétit, Troye is tasked with making a full meal in twenty minutes with only vocal instructions.

From breaking down a chicken and cooking it with a literal brick to whipping up some pesto, the Aussie pop star is ready for his Food Network debut after this. Even after struggling and gagging during surprisingly gnarly step of breaking down the chicken, he ends up killing it.

Watch him make a full meal in the challenge below: