Football food


Win Your Big Game Party With These Snacks

The food might even be better than the game...

January 23, 2019

Arguably the best part about any football Sunday is the food. The wings, the dip, the chips - you name it. But, when it comes to the Super Bowl, people like to step up their game.

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A few of my personal favorites from the list:

1. Pull-apart Garlic Bread 

2. BBQ Chicken Nachos 

3. Chicken Parm Sliders

4. Bufalo Chicken Dip

5. Pigs in Blankets (A CLASSIC)

When everyone else is screaming and yelling every play, you'll be planning your attack on the appetizers. No matter where you are watching a game, make sure you position yourself AS CLOSE as you can to the food. 

To read the full mouth watering list, check it out here