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judgement zone

Karson & Kennedy: The Judgement Zone

This week in the Judgement Zone we have new music from Miley & Dua, Shawn & the Biebs, Bleachers and the Boss, and Mary J Blige! Annie and Dan REALLLYYYY hated one of them! The Judgement Zone Read More
dj dan weekly rap up

Karson & Kennedy: DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up

DJ Dan always brings the dope rhymes and the phat beats, but this week he gave us something special! We kicked off Karson & Kennedy's 10,000 Toys for Girls and Boys this week and Dan has a special message for all of you. He even brought in a special guest! Dan's 10K Toy Rap... Read More
10K Toys

Karson & Kennedy: The Letter That Will Give You All The Feels

This morning we read a letter from our friend and listener Meg. She used to work with one of our sponsors in the infancy of 10K Toys. She's been feeling a bit grinchy after the loss of her mom, but her son has given her new love for the meaning of Christmas and she and her husband made a HUGE... Read More
10K Toys

Karson & Kennedy: Why Are You Donating?

Karson & Kennedy's 10,000 Toys for Girls and Boys is underway and we need your help to get 10,000 toys to give to kids who might otherwise go without. This year we've moved it to a virtual toy drive , but the need is still great. We know you will be helping us reach our goal, and we just wanted... Read More