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Karson Brandon Flowers

Karson Talks with Brandon Flowers of The Killers!

- Joe Cingrana /RADIO.COM Mix 104.1's Karson caught up with Brandon Flowers of The Killers to discuss the band's recent tour cancelation, the new album Imploding the Mirage , and some of his vocal influences over the years. There's also a little bit of rivalry between him and OneRepublic 's Ryan... Read More
kennedy mental health

Karson & Kennedy: Kennedy Is Back! Hear Where She Was.

Kennedy is finally back with us after being gone for 10 days. We didn't want to share where she was during the time she was gone as we felt it was her story to tell. So this morning she shared where she has been. Kennedy Explains Her Absence As always if you need help, it's here. Call or text... Read More
Feed the frontlines Jugos

Karson & Kennedy: Feed The Frontlines Friday With Jugos!

Today was our last Feed The Frontlines Friday! We teamed up with JUGOS to feed the healthcare workers at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center. Avocado toast and smoothies coming to all the frontline workers fighting COVID-19 every day because of YOU!!! LISTEN: Feed The Frontlines Friday Part 1 Feed The... Read More
judgement zone

Karson & Kennedy: The Judgment Zone

New music Friday means it's time to get critical in the Judgment Zone. Today we disagreed big time on the new Foster The People, and got a new disco dance beat from Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande! LISTEN: The Judgement Zone Read More

Karson & Kennedy : Karen's Gone Wild

We've all encountered a Karen in the wild. The haircut, the walk, the sense of entitlement as she asks to speak to the manager. We've compiled some of the best audio clips of Karen's going wild in public for our new bit called "Karen Gone Wild"! Karen's Gone Wild Read More