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Karson & Kennedy: The Friday Flashback F*** Up!

Every Friday we bring you the Friday Flashback F*** Up, where we play back old interviews and make fun of the stupid questions we asked. This week it's Salt interviewing Katy Perry and things got real weird real fast. Friday Flash back F up - Kary Perry Read More
Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Swims With Strength on 'Head Above Water'

Sometimes music is the best medicine. Head Above Water is the sixth studio album from Avril Lavigne , and to fully appreciate it you have to understand the adversity that it was born out of. The health issues and the relationship struggles that happened over the past five years for the punky pop... Read More
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Fans Want You To #Boycott7Rings

Arianators will do anything for their queen, even boycott her. Ariana Grande has embraced the #Boycott7Rings movement, an effort from fans to dethrone her current hit in favor of the up-and-coming "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored." In theory, if people stop listening to "7 Rings" and... Read More
UPS help

Feel Good Story: UPS Driver Saves Elderly Man

This Feel Good Story comse out of North Carolina, and shares the story of a UPS driver who trusted his gut feeling, and ended up saving a man's life. According to People , Todd Holland has been a UPS driver for 25 years, and has gotten close with a lot of the residents he delivers to. One of the... Read More