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what did barrett say

Karson & Kennedy: What Did Barrett Say: Covid Test Edition

Barrett was feeling a little under the weather over the weekend so out of an *abundance of caution* Karson took him to get a COVID test. And, of course, Karson filmed the entire adventure on his Go-Pro. Barrett pleaded for the spit test, and Karson said no... Dad of the year! Thankfully, he is... Read More
Salon 120

Karson & Kennedy: Celebrating Girl Bosses!

A couple of Annie's good friends are doing something incredible, opening a business during a pandemic! It's called Salon 120 West in South Boston and we wanted to support these remarkable women on their new endeavor! Call them today at 617-315-7440 or check them out on Instagram! Annie&#039... Read More
8 crowns

Karson & Kennedy: Kennedy Had A DAY At The Dentist!

Kennedy has bad teeth. Period. She's never gone to the dentist and NOT had a cavity - she's one of those. So, she has an amazing new dentist that put out a plan for her to fix ALL of it and we are nearing the end. Yesterday was a big day. EIGHT crowns in one sitting. Can you beat that? Kennedy&... Read More
youre full of ish kennedy

Karson & Kennedy: We Really Missed Karson Today

We started this game last week called "You're Full of Ish, Karson" where Karson gives a statement and if you think he's lying you say "you're full of ish, Karson". It was fun, people liked it. Well, Karson is out today so we played "You're Full of Ish, Kennedy". People did not like it as much. :(... Read More
youre full of ish karson

Karson & Kennedy: Your Fav New Game Is Back!

It's back! And it's not going away anytime soon. It's your chance to win tickets to the Billie Eilish "Where Do We Go" live stream pay per view courtesy of Interscope Records by telling Karson he's full of ish! You're full of Ish, Karson! Read More
dj dan weekly rap up

Karson & Kennedy: DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up

Last Friday we had a Headphone Karaoke battle boys vs girls. The girls won and on Monday Karson & Dan got pies to the face. And Dan is still not over what Annie Dow did to him. The Weekly Rap Up : Pie In The Face Edition Read More