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video chat

Gregg & Freddy: Danielle Created An Interesting Game With Friends On Zoom

You have to be creative in quarantine!
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Gregg & Freddy: Messing With The Millennial

Danielle v.s. Her Best Friend
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Bethenny Frankel

Gregg & Freddy: Bethenny Frankel Talks BStrong Coronavirus Mask Efforts

Bethenny Frankel is gearing up to deliver a million masks to medical professionals amid a countrywide shortage of supplies.
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wedding cancel

Gregg & Freddy: Is Danielle's Friend Forced To Cancel Wedding Due to Coronavirus?

The day a girl has been dreaming of her entire life!
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Gregg & Freddy: Messing With ... Danielle's MOM!?

Millennial VS. Mom!
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strip club

Gregg & Freddy: Did Gregg Freddy or Danielle Get Kicked Out Of A Strip Club!?

ONE of them may have had too much fun and got kicked out of a strip club!
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Ernie Boch Jr

Gregg & Freddy: Ernie Boch Jr. GENEROUSLY Took Part In Donnie Wahlberg Tip Challenge

Have you heard of the 2020 Tip Challenge?
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Gregg & Freddy: Dating Danielle - Is He Just Not Into Her!?

Danielle has gone on a couple of dates with this one guy.
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Gregg & Freddy: Why Did Halsey's Album Make Heather Cry!?

You remember our friend Heather from the Promotions Department who followed the Jonas Brothers around the world!? Well her other favorite artist is Halsey, who just dropped her new album "Manic". It is normal to feel emotionally connected to an album, but for Heather it causes lots of tears and...
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gregg kaia

Gregg & Freddy: Gregg's Daughter Calls Him Out For Being "Dramatic"

Gregg's daughter Kaia is at the fun age of 7! When a 7-year-old finds a word he/she likes, they stick to it. And now everything Gregg says or does according to Kaia is "dramatic" ... Gregg's Daughter Calls Him "Dramatic"
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