Gregg & Freddy

Gregg & Freddy: Dating Danielle - Is He Just Not Into Her!?

Danielle has gone on a couple of dates with this one guy.
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Gregg & Freddy: Why Did Halsey's Album Make Heather Cry!?

You remember our friend Heather from the Promotions Department who followed the Jonas Brothers around the world!? Well her other favorite artist is Halsey, who just dropped her new album "Manic". It is normal to feel emotionally connected to an album, but for Heather it causes lots of tears and...
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gregg kaia

Gregg & Freddy: Gregg's Daughter Calls Him Out For Being "Dramatic"

Gregg's daughter Kaia is at the fun age of 7! When a 7-year-old finds a word he/she likes, they stick to it. And now everything Gregg says or does according to Kaia is "dramatic" ... Gregg's Daughter Calls Him "Dramatic"
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gregg salt

Gregg & Freddy: Gregg Asks Salt For Urgent Advice On WHAT!?

Gregg needs advice! Salt, formerly from Karson & Kennedy, recently got a procedure done that Gregg also plans to undergo. Salt's giving Gregg some tips beforehand. They both have two kids ... SNIP SNIP! Gregg Needs Advice From Salt!
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Pete Frates

Gregg & Freddy: Special Phone Call About Pete Frates

Donna works for the ALS Association!
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charlie puth

Gregg & Freddy Interview With Charlie Puth

Gregg & Freddy got a chance to chat with Charlie Puth when he stopped by the station for a Mix Lounge! RELATED: PHOTOS: Charlie Puth Mix Lounge They talked about the Patriots, Charlie's love for "Friends" & Jennifer Aniston, his new single "Mother" and more!
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Gregg & Freddy Get A Sweet Phone Call From Long-Time Listener

After having an afternoon radio show for so many years, people who started out as listeners become friends. And when people like Andrea take the time out of their day to let us know what our show means to them, that's what makes it all worthwhile!! Gregg & Freddy Get Sweet Phone Call From...
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Gregg & Freddy: Messing With The Millennial

Gregg & Danielle OR Dumb & Dumber ...
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Gregg & Freddy - Messing With The Millennial PLOT TWIST

The millennial messes back!
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Gregg & Freddy: Dating Danielle - A New Guy From A Dating App!?

He looks like Tom Brady & Julian Edelman, according to Gregg ...
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