Gregg & Freddy

Gregg & Freddy: Did Peter Find His Wedding Ring In The Office?

Last week, Peter from our Digital Department lost his wedding ring in the office five days after getting it! He told us the entire story right after he noticed his bare finger, detailing how and where he could have possibly lost it. Peter's Lost Ring For the past week, no one has had any...
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Gregg & Freddy: Danielle Cannot Pronounce "Newton"

We love how loyal our listeners are and always give their constructive criticism! The town of "Newton" comes up in the afternoon traffic reports often. Danielle didn't realize she wasn't pronouncing it correctly until a listener emailed in to comment on it .... Danielle Pronouncing Newton
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Gregg & Freddy: Why Does Danielle Have A Purple Lip!?

After a few Google searches, the truth comes out!
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Gregg Daniels Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons Interview with Gregg Daniels

Throwback GRAMMY stories, skiing, arena shows, and the use of instruments on their new album!
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Christian Fauria Post-Super Bowl Interview With Gregg & Freddy

The two-time Super Bowl champ shares what it's like for the team immediately after winning!
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OOPS Moments

OOPS Moments!

Your funniest moments on display!
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Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, Jewel, Amanda Giles

MixFest: Gregg Daniels & Fast Freddy Interview Jewel

Did you know Jewel played MixFest in 1996?!
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Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, Meghan Trainor, Amanda Giles

MixFest: Gregg Daniels & Fast Freddy Interview Meghan Trainor!

A lot has happened since the Mix Beach House!
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Gregg Daniels Fast Freddy Sting Shaggy

Gregg Daniels & Fast Freddy Interview Sting & Shaggy

The singers reveal their favorite songs by each other!
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